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Expand your vision in life sciences with a scientific microscope camera. The Olympus range offers a selection of digital microscope color cameras to suit different applications and budgets. Choosing the right balance of specifications is important when selecting the appropriate camera for your needs; our vast range covers applications from general biological research and teaching to pathology, cell culture, embryology, and drug discovery.


Our microscope cameras offer a variety of image sensors and pixel sizes, and observation methods include fluorescence, brightfield, and infrared.

At Olympus, we know your image matters, and our digital microscope cameras help you see the details and enhance the quality of your work through cutting-edge optics, superior detail, and fast live imaging.

Digital Microscope Colour Cameras

Laboratory Microscope Camera - DP23

Designed for routine life science and clinical research microscopy imaging, the DP23 digital microscope camera’s combination of smart features and good color reproduction provide high-quality images in an easy-to-use camera.


DP28 - Microscope Camera for Conferencing, teaching and clinical research 

The DP28 digital microscope camera combines powerful features, precise color accuracy, and 4K resolution across a wide field of view to provide stunning images for conferencing, teaching, and clinical research. With smart features, the camera eases and accelerates your microscopy tasks while delivering high image quality. 

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18mpx high resolution Microscope Camera - SC180

 With almost four times more pixels than a standard microscope camera, the SC180 camera enables you to use the full resolution of your objectives to reveal your sample´s details and structures.

The 4K UHD SC180 digital microscope camera enables you to view the fine details of samples live on screen with 25 frames per second (fps). 

Wireless Digital Imaging Camera EP50

Breaking away from static microscope labs, the EP50 camera and WLAN adaptor can transform the classroom into a dynamic, interactive space. 

  • Flexible camera control and viewing options: connect using mobile devices or WLAN-enabled PCs/laptops via wireless or wired LAN connection  

  • High-quality, crisp, 5-megapixel images

  • Fast frame rates enable students to navigate quickly through the specimen


DP74 - Microscope Camera 

The DP74 color camera’s combination of high image quality and smart assist guidance dedicated for microscopy provides you faster and more comfortable imaging.

Smooth, high resolution, and high sensitivity—the DP74 color camera is optimized for microscopic observation.

The DP74 camera’s multiaxis color reproduction technology adjusts color independently for individual stained samples, providing excellent color fidelity for a wide variety of stains.

Cost -effective Brightfield microscope camera

The LC35 digital microscope camera balances image quality with affordability to deliver an excellent value for standard brightfield imaging applications. As a complimentary component to our microscopes, the LC35 camera benefits from the ease of use our camera software is known for with seamless support and upgradeability to use with Olympus microscope systems.

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