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BX53M Upright Materials Science Microscope

The BX53M simplifies complex microscopy tasks through its well-designed and easy-to-use controls. Users can get the most out of the microscope without the need for extensive training. The easy, comfortable operation of the BX53M also improves reproducibility by minimizing human error.

  • Simple Illuminator

  • Intuitive Microscope Controls

  • Find the Focus Quickly

  • Consistent Illumination

  • Easy and Ergonomic Operation

  • Easy Restore Microscope Settings

  • Basic Measurement Functions


The BX53M maintains the traditional contrast methods of conventional microscopy, such as brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, and differential interference contrast. As new materials are developed, many of the difficulties associated with detecting defects using standard contrast methods can be solved using advanced microscopy techniques for more accurate and reliable inspections. New illumination techniques and options for image acquisition within PRECiV image analysis software give users more choices of how to evaluate their samples and document findings.

  • The Invisible Becomes Visible

  • Create All-in-focus Images

  • Easily Move the Stage for Panorama

  • Capture Both Bright and Dark Areas

  • Adaptable to Suit Observational and Analysis Preferences

  • Accommodates a Wide Range of Samples

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