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View, Scan, and Share Your Slides Anytime, Anywhere

The demand for remote image sharing and telepathology continues to grow, especially now that virtual collaborations are becoming the norm. Having the ability to easily scan slides and view images remotely provides flexibility for users at a distance and promotes open collaboration. Grundium is known for its small slide scanners, which are easily transportable and user-friendly and provide high-quality, high-resolution images.

Grundium OCUS 20 / 40 Single Slide Scanner

Grundium Ocus 20 / 40 Single Slide Scanner

Grundium Single Slide Scanner-1.jpg

Work Simply and Quickly

Ocus scanners are fast. The software can autoselect a region of interest for quick scanning, minimizing additional clicks and saving time. Easily add up to 5 optical z-sections while the continuous autofocus keeps the sample in focus throughout the entire scan.


  • Fully suited for remote operation, enables seamless telepathology

  • Fast scanning speed

  • High depth of field

  • Easy to use, anybody can use it with 15 minutes of training

  • Fits any workflow, supports all key file formats

  • Pairs with any device with internet connection (computer, laptop, tablet)

  • Robust design, very low maintenance

  • Small size, travels anywhere in its own carry-on case

  • Affordable, no recurring fees, no hidden costs

  • Fast scan speed, run several units parallel for very high throughput

Grundium Single Slide Scanner-2.jpg
Grundium Single Slide Scanner-3.jpg

The Grundium Ocus® microscope scanners are exceptionally small in size and weight, and their patented imaging system takes incredibly sharp and clear images. Power it up, connect it to your device via wifi or cable and you're ready to start scanning. The user interface is browser-based and no proprietary software is needed, which means you can use it with any computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone (but we recommend a larger screen). No processing power from the used device is required, as all the processing is done on the scanner's onboard computer.

The scan times for a 15x15mm sample are approximately 60 seconds for the Ocus®20 (20x equivalent) and 180 seconds for the Ocus®40 (40x equivalent). The scanned images can be exported and shared instantly in various file formats (JPG, SVS, TIFF) in multiple ways, for example via email, uploaded to your own cloud or exported to an external USB drive that connects directly to the scanner. The Ocus® scanners also function as slide servers, as they have an internal storage space of 500GB and a secure remote access can be set up.

If you are in need of fast, reliable, and practical single slide scanners with superb image quality, the Grundium Ocus® scanner is your best choice. See our scanner models below.

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