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On-site Microscope Servicing 

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Please get in touch to discuss your servicing requirements.

Our engineer is Olympus trained and has over 30 years experience servicing all types of optical microscopes from, basic classroom monoculars to advanced research systems.

A typical service would include:

1. Discuss with end users any problems that have been experienced since last service visit.



2. Check out set up of microscope before servicing and advise end users of poorly set up                                          or problem instruments.



3. Strip microscope down to component parts and visually inspect all mechanical components and electrical          connections, repair as required.



4. Clean and re-grease all moving parts and slides as required. Usually components such as coarse and fine            focus slides and pinions, stage controls, diopter adjustments etc would be cleaned and greased on a                  rotational basis or as required.



5. Clean all lenses (internal and external) and other optical surfaces such as prisms and filters as required.



6. Reassemble microscope and check for problems such as centring of prisms/lamps

    condenser / HBO lamps and / or objectives being off centre.



7. Setup microscope for optimum use and ensure that end user is satisfied

    with instrument. Advise on best practice if required.



8. A service sticker with service date and service due date to be attached to each microscope.



9. A service report to be prepared at the end of service visit, listing model, make of instrument, Sr. No. and              detailing any problems to be addressed.



10. Any additional work required to be agreed on basis of above service report


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