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Olympus CX23LED

New Student Microscope
from Olympus

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Microscope Systems Limited

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Life Science Microscopes
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10% discount off Yenway CX40 Microscope

Yenway CX40 Microscope The Yenway CX40 is a professional microscope for biomedicine, pathological diagnosis and other science research.

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New Products

Olympus CKX53 MicroscopeThe Olympus CKX53 With improved image quality and ergonomics, the Olympus CKX53 delivers excellent performance and a comfortable workflow for a variety of cell culture needs including live cell observation

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Olympus Keymed Microscopes

As approved microscope sales and service partners with Olympus Keymed we will be pleased to discuss and advise on your possible requirements. On site demonstrations can be arranged and competitive detailed quotations provided.

Olympus have an enviable reputation when it comes to microscope innovation and imaging solutions. The new BX3 series of clinical and research microscopes has only recently been launched and further underlines Olympus' reputation as world leaders in this field.

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CoolLed Fluorescence Excitation

CoolLED are the world leaders in LED technology for fluorescence microscopy.

Mercury, Halide and Xenon lamps are fast becoming a thing of the past for many fluorescence applications as LED's become ever brighter and more readily available.

CoolLED offer a range of 20 LED's covering most of the excitation wavelengths required in clinical and research applications.

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microscope cameras

Microscope Cameras

Microscope Systems Limited offer a range of Microscope Cameras from leading manufacturers such as Olympus, Lumenera, Hamamatsu, Motic and Yenway.

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Olympus IX73 Microscope

Olympus IX73

Manual encoded or semi-motorized options let the end user easily configure a system with a variety of component combinations—now or later. Available as a one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding cutting edge techniques to casual documentation.

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Latest News

Pathology Dept expands range of Olympus Microscopy

Pathology Dept expands range of Olympus Microscopy

The Pathology Department at Foresterhill in Aberdeen recently extended their multi-viewer platform to 14 viewers. This included a new Olympus BX53 microscope  with high powered LED and an Olympus UC-90 4K camera attached to an ACER 4K 55" monitor.

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Popular Yenway CX40 microscope installed

Popular Yenway CX40 microscope installed

The laboratories at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary recently took delivery of a Yenway CX40 microscope and YenCam HDM (HDMI) camera for the consultants conferencing suite.

Similar systems are now installed at Raigmore and have recently been installed at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Pathology. 

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Analysing Corrosion Damage with a Yenway CX40M

Analysing Corrosion Damage with a Yenway CX40M

The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde recently purchased a Yenway CX40M reflected light metallurgical microscope fitted with one of the ever popular YenCam 5 USB cameras.
Dr Todd Green, group leader, commented:
‘We are very satisfied with the performance of the Yenway CX40M  microscope and camera. The optical and build quality is excellent and comparable to microscopes costing far more. Our main application is  to characterise the finish of electroplated and etched metal surfaces and also inspect components for corrosion damage’.

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Olympus BX53 for Scottish Water

Olympus BX53 for Scottish Water

Scottish Water based at Heriot Watt Research Park in Edinburgh have invested in another Olympus BX53 fluorescence microscope for the the busy Cryptosporidium Laboratory.

The microscope is equipped with a state of the art CoolLED pE-300-WHITE illumination system, DIC and top of the range Spectral Apochromat objectives. The purchase will help ease the work load on the existing four Olympus microscopes. 

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Olympus IX3 series

Olympus launches the new and intuitive IX3 series.

Benefits include:
Expandability - New design allows for ultimate level of optical flexibility via a new, customisable light path.

Easy to use - Exceptional ease-of-use via a new usage concept.
Accuracy – Excellent level of mechanical and thermal stability thanks to a complete new frame design.

View: Olympus IX53
View: Olympus IX73

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I want to thank you very much for working so well for us today – I’ve strongly recommended that you be recalled next year.

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Well executed service and repair of Olympus & Prior microscopes, one happy customer. James provided an excellent service

- Bill Revie
Construction Materials Consultancy

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