Yenway EX20 routine microscope

Yenway EX20 routine microscope

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Key features
Infinity corrected optical system
Extremely high optical and build quality
Cost effective and affordable
Compact and light weight
Suitable for brightfield, phase contast, darkfield, polarised light
Trinocular tube for digital imaging


 Optical system  Infinity achromatic optical system
 Observation tube  Binocular head , 30°inclined, 54~75mm interpupillary distance
 Trinocular head,30°inclined,(with 0/100 or 20/80 light splits)
 Eyepiece  High eyepoint widefield plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm,with ±5 degrees diopter control
 High eyepoint widefield plan eyepiece PL10X/20mm,with ±5 degrees diopter control
 Objective  Infinity plan achromatic objective 4X、10X、20X、40XS、100XS Oil immersion
 Nosepiece  Reversed quadruple nosepiece
 Reversed quintuple nosepiece
 Focusing adjustment  Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment,with limit stop and tension adjustment. coarse  adjustment  range: 25mm,fine adjustment precision:2 microns.
 Stage  Coaxial mechanical stage 140X132mm size and 76×50mm travel range.
 Condenser  Koehler N.A.1.25 condenser (with socket for phase contrast and darkfield sliders)
 Illuminator  Main supply 100V-240V, 3 watt LED lamp with intensity control(fixed center)
 Main supply 100V-240V, philips 6V/20W halogen lamp with intensity control (fixed center)
 Photography adapter  3.2x photo eyepiece ,photo tube(with PK mount)
 Video adapters  0.35X CTV
 0.5X  CTV
 1.0X  CTV
 Other options  Phase contrast sliders for condenser (use with phase contrast objectives)
 Darkfield slider for condenser
 Simple polarisation (with analyser and polariser)
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