Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

Olympus SZ51 – versatile stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Excellent image flatness
Sharp, bright and high contrast optics
Best zoom ratio in its class
Targeted to basic research and education

The versatile and cost-efficient Olympus SZ51 zoom stereo microscope offers a broad range of functions for observation and documentation of specimens in life science. New ComfortView eyepieces ensure fast, comfortable observation. The world's first universal LED integrated illumination stand brings all the advantages of LED technology to stereo microscopy. Ideal for imaging as LEDs have a constant color temperature.
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Olympus SZ61 – full featured stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Wide variety of lighting systems, stands and accessories
Unique LED integrated illumination stand
Top zoom performance
Ready for digital camera adaptation
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Olympus SZX7 – compact stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Galilean optical system
0.8x - 5.6x zoom range
High NA objectives
Wide variety of illumination options
Flexible modular system
Best resolving power in its class
Outstanding zoom ratio
Wide range of observation methods
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Olympus SZX10 - Advanced routine stereo zoom microscope.

Key Features:
Resolution of 600 LP/mm
High Numerical Aperture (0.2)
Maximum magnification (126x)
Large Field of View (69.8 mm)
Long Working Distance (171 mm)
Easy to use fluorescence illuminator

The Olympus SZX10 is designed for routine research. It offers a maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.2, producing a resolution of 600 line pairs per millimetre. With this resolution (and peerless magnification) you can make your work more efficient, more precise and gain much more information from your samples. The Olympus SZX10 provides a zoom ratio of 10:1. With a broad range of objectives it is a fully modular system offering a range of options. Its compatibility with different imaging devices enables various application-dedicated configurations in materials and biological science applications.
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Olympus SZX16 - Research stereo zoom microscope.

Key Features:
Superior resolution of 900 LP/mm
High Numerical Aperture (0.3)
Maximum magnification (230x)
Large Field of View (104.8 mm)
Long Working Distance (141 mm)
Superb fluorescence capabilities

The Olympus SZX16 is designed for advanced research and leaves other stereos in its wake with a maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.3, producing a superior resolution of 900 line pairs per millimetre. With such amazing resolution (and peerless magnification) you can make your work more efficient, more precise and gain much more information from your samples. The Olympus SZX16 provides a large zoom ratio of 16.4:1. With this seamless zoom ratio combined with the most comprehensive range of parfocal objectives (0.5x, 1.0x, 1.6x & 2.0x), the SZX16 can take you from a macro-view to a micro-view allowing e.g. visualisation of ultra precise details on manufactured micro devices
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Olympus MVX10 MacroView - a class of its own.

Key Features:
Maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation
Excellent light transmission from near UV to near IR increases the range of usable fluorophores
Seamless observation from 4x to125x
Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time
Complete system solutions for optimised recordings
Long WD for observation at optimum magnification
Compatible with CoolLED fluorescence excitation systems

Researchers are interested in the impact of gene expression and protein function not only at the cellular level but also within whole tissues, organs and even organisms. Hence organisms like C. elegans(nematode worm), Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), Danio rerio (zebrafish), Xenopus leavis (african clawed frog), Mus musculus (mouse) or the plant Arabidopsis thaliana (wall cress) are used as biological models for in vivo studies in a vast field of research applications. Fluorescence techniques are ideal for the observation of these organisms because they are non-destructive and can be performed over long periods.
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Greenough optical system
Wide variety of stands
3W LED stand available
FN22 eyepieces
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The Motic K-Series incorporates a common main objective (CMO) Infinity optical system. With this Infinity optical system the K-Series delivers distortion-free, three-dimensional and parfocal images throughout the magnification range. Furthermore it allows the adaptation of a discussion bridge (DSK models) and accessories like the drawing attachment.
Thanks to the modular system, this stereo microscope series can be easily configured and adapted to the application needs and working environment. A broad selection of stands, additional objective lenses and light sources is available.
Key features
Common Main Objective (CMO) Infinity optical system
Choose between a zoom objective or turret objective
Modular system that can be used with Ball bearing and Articulating Boom stands
Discussion/teaching system available (DSK)
Drawing attachment and many more accessories
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Motic PSM1000 Series

The Motic PSM-1000 is a modular microscope system that can be used for applications in the semiconductor industry as well as for laser inspections and repairs. Or simply for applications where high quality optics, precision mechanics and Long Working Distances are crucial and have to be combined with an upright image.
The Motic PSM-1000 incorporates a 3-lens change-over turret that allows the user to easily switch from visual inspection to laser work. With the following optical lenses 1X UV/, 1X IR/VIS and 2X Bright field the spectrum from 355nm to 1064nm is covered. All optical components have a special coating for maximum transmission.

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Make use of the convenience and versatility of seeing a large image at 10X magnification, then zooming continuously to close-up details at 40X… or any point in between. The SMZ-140 Series offer a high optical performance combined with a complete range of stands and illumination systems.
Key features
Zoom objective 1X – 4X
Click stops for precise calibrations
Binocular or Trinocular version
Modular system 
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