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Olympus cellSens

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The Olympus cellSens platform creates a uniquely personal and intuitive imaging experience based on your preferred workflow. With cellSens you have full control over the display and placement of icons, toolbars and controls to simplify your desktop and enhance your productivity.

cellSens is easy to use, powerful and flexible. Tailoring the software to your budget and imaging applications is easy with its modular design. As your research needs evolve, cellSens grows with you.

SQL Server Express based Database functionality makes storage, management and retrieval of images, data, overlays and reports simple and easy, across a local network or across the world.

cellSens Dimension – Comprehensive Imaging Solution

The complete image acquisition, processing, viewing and analysis solution from Olympus. The base package and multiple add-on solutions offer:

  • Flexible and intuitive acquisition – whether snapping a single image or acquiring multiple wavelengths, x, y, z and time, capturing an image is a breeze. Timelapse, z-stack, and extended focus imaging (or EFI) modes are standard in cellSens.
  • Complete suite of processing, analysis, and reporting tools – cellSens Dimension offers a full suite of advanced processing and analysis features including kernel filters, object thresholding and phase analysis. Generate professional reports with your data using the included plug-in for Microsoft Word.
  • Optional modules expand the utility of this package:
  • 5D Multichannel Acquisition
  • Multiposition Acquisition
  • Count & Measure Advanced
  • CI Deconvolution
  • Database
  • Netcam

cellSens Dimension Desktop

Offline processing and analysis. Turn any computer into an offline processing and analysis workstation. Liberate your microscopy acquisition system with offline packages for image processing and analysis.

cellSens Standard

Basic image acquisition, processing and measurement. cellSens Standard enables advanced image capture processes such as time lapse and post-acquisition manual montaging, or Multiple Image Alignment (MIA). It also provides contrast based software autofocus along with acquisition from TWAIN sources. Image annotation, processing and measurement tools round out this package. Our Netcam remote viewing Solution can be added to improve collaboration and education efficiency (For research and educational use only).

cellSens Entry

Basic image acquisition. cellSens Entry is the ideal stepping stone for researchers wanting to move into digital image acquisition and documentation with their microscope. Olympus cellSens Entry features easy set up and capture of images with any Olympus camera.

cellSens Viewer

FREE image viewing and annotation. Collaborate with your colleagues using the FREE cellSens Viewer software. Any user who has downloaded the cellSens Viewer software can view images acquired, measured and annotated with any cellSens product. Download cellSens Viewer.

*This product is intended for Research and Educational use only.

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