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Polarising Microscopes

Olympus CX31-P - A cost-efficient, high-quality polarising microscope for research, education and routine inspection.

Key Features:
Exclusive polarising optics with minimal distortion.
Intermediate attachments for orthoscopic and conoscopic image observations.
8 different plates and compensators including 1/4 wave, 1st order red, full wave, quartz wedge, 2 berek compensators, de Senarmont, 2 Brace-Kohler compensators.
Compact and light weight for easy transportation.
Ideal for classroom use.
Can be configured for asbestos fibre ID applications
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Olympus BX53-P

Clear Observation Images with UIS2 Objective Lens

Thanks to Olympus' sophisticated design and manufacturing technology, new ACHN-P and UPLFLN-P strain-free objectives reduce internal strain to an absolute minimum. Olympus has also totally redesigned its polarizers and polarizing condensers to further enhance performance in polarized light. This means a higher EF* value, resulting in unmatched image brightness and contrast.

*EF value: the ratio of brightness of parallel Nicols to orthogonal(Cross) Nicols. The higher is the EF value, the less is the strain of the optical system. This means that a higher EF value is superior in polarization characteristics.
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Key features
Incident and transmitted light available
Strain free objectives
12v 50W halogen illumination
Rigid modern frame
FN22 as standard

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Motic BA310-POL - Polarising Microscope

The Motic BA310-POL polarising microscope is part of the BA series comprising a range of models with outstanding system simplicity and optical performance for Life Science, Geology, Material Science & Forensics.

To meet increasing demands for a dedicated, professional polarising microscope, the Motic BA310-POL features strain-free CCIS optics built-up around a sturdy frame with centerable objectives.
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PETROG Transforms Your Petrographic Data

PETROG is an integrated petrographic data collection, storage and analysis system. PETROG is in use worldwide, collecting, storing and analysing petrographic data.

PETROG assists the petrographer at all stages of petrographic analysis from the slide through to the final report.

PETROG's key benefits include:
  • Data collection interface and thin section images sit side by side on your monitor, making your observation and data collection easier
  • Traditional 12/20 channel point counter and paper tick sheets are replaced with intelligent software
  • The analysis cycle is faster and more accurate
  • QA is enabled by viewing exactly what the data collector saw by returning to stored sampling point images
  • Petrographic data can be provided for provenance, palaeoenvironmental, diagenetic and petrophysical interpretation
  • The software can be customised to meet individual user or project requirements
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