Olympus MX51 electronics inspection

Olympus MX51 electronics inspection microscope

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Olympus MX51 - Industrial inspection microscope.

Key Features:
Flexible and versatile
Quick efficient inspections
Cost efficient

Ergonomics and Efficiency

Frontal Centralized Operation

Frontal Operation
Frontal Operation
The controls of the MX51 are positioned at the front of the microscope, easy for the operator to access and manipulate. The built-in clutch of the 150mm stage enables quick stage positioning, reducing operator fatigue.

Motorized Revolving Nosepiece

Motorized Revolving Nosepiece
Motorized Revolving Nosepiece
In addition to the wide range of standard manual nosepieces, the MX51 can be equipped with a range of motorized nosepieces. The motorized nosepiece provides faster exchange between objective lenses and remote control reducing potential contamination to the sample. The controller for the nosepiece can interface with the Olympus Stream Software which so objective magnifications can be automatically stored while capturing an image.

Excellent Image Clarity and Superb Resolution

Wide Choice for Superior Imaging Performance

The objective is the core part of the optical microscope, used for the illumination and observation of material science samples. Olympus has the widest choice of objectives, universal objectives suitable for all contrast methods, long and ultra long working distance objectives, near-infrared objectives, LCD inspection objectives and many more.

Example Observation Images

Diverse Lineup Allows Selections According to the Purpose
MPLAPON Plan Apochromat Objective Lens Series
MPLFLN Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
MPLFLN-BD Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield and Darkfield
MPLFLN-BDP Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield and Darkfield
LMPLFLN Long WD Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
LMPLFLN-BD Long WD Semi Apochromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield and Darkfield
MPLN Plan Achromat Objective Lens Series for Brightfield
MPLN-BD Plan Achromat Objective Lens Series for both Brightfield and Darkfield
SLMPLN Super Long WD Plan Achromat Objective Lens Series
LCPLFLN-LCD Long WD Semi Apocromatic Objective Lens Series for LCD

> Click here for details about UIS2 objective lenses

Software Solution

Digital Imaging, Image Analysis and Database Management

Olympus offers a wide range of imaging and analysis solutions including a variety of digital cameras as well as software. Our most advanced software, integrates with the Olympus MX51 and performs mission-critical tasks such as image acquisition, specialized image processing, measurement functions, statistical outputs, annotation, archiving, report generation and database management including an optional Secure File Repository for added security.

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Accessories and Supporting Diverse Observation Methods

Near-infrared (IR) Optics and Imaging

The specially designed IR objective lenses and components are ideal for imaging features and defects beneath the surface of silicon and glass. The Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industries use IR imaging for alignment, identification of sub-surface contamination and critical dimension inspections. The 20x, 50x and 100x objectives are designed with a correction collar that corrects for the aberrations caused by the thickness of silicon and glass, improving overall contrast. Olympus supports several IR digital cameras for near infrared imaging and analysis.

Near-infrared Components
Near-infrared Observation
Near-infrared Observation

Fluorescence Observation

The MX51 can be equipped with fluorescence observation by adding a mirror cube and high intensity light source. Fluorescence observation is ideal for easy detection of resist residuals and organic particles.

Fluorescence Mirror Cube
Fluorescence Mirror Cubes
Fluorescence Observation
Fluorescence Observation

Transmitted Light Module

Transmitted Light Module
Transmitted Light Module

Transmitted light can be added to the MX51 for photo-mask or flat panel display inspections. Two types are available, one with a universal condenser and a second type with a high numerical aperture. Both support simple polarized light.

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