Materials Science Microscopes

Materials Science

Olympus CX41-MET - Metallurgical Microscope.

Key Features:
Suitable for incident and transmitted  brightfield and polarised light applications
Outstanding flat images
Lightweight and portable - ideal for on-site work
Enhanced image clarity
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Olympus BXFM - flexible research and inspection microscope.

Key Features:
Versatile inspection microscope
Flexible system integration
Compact, modular design

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Olympus BX41 - reflected light upright microscope.

Key Features:
Simple straightforward operation
Efficient and economic
Compact Y-shape design for more ease of use
Special stages for many kinds of applications

The Olympus BX41 microscope combines all the capabilities required for metallurgy, material science applications and thorough inspection of a wide range of electronic devices and semiconductor components. It offers excellent cost-efficiency along with a compact design based on advanced ergonomics. The microscope includes top-quality optics supported by a full range of accessories.
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Key Features:
Improved defect detection performance
ESD compatibility
Improved image color fidelity and brightness
Environmentally responsible

The Olympus BX41M-LED is an economical microscope designed for inspection of electronic devices and cross-sectioned. As electronical components decrease in size the importance of observing minute patterns and devices on flexible substrates or highly integrated multilayer boards continues to increase. The need to evaluate modern opaque materials for structure and content is also becoming more popular. Of equal importance is utilizing “ green” environmentally conscious equipment in the workplace. The value of incorporating LED illumination, lead-free paint and our new line of UIS2 optics confirms the Olympus BX41M-LED as an ideal choice for one’s routine inspection requirements.
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Olympus BX51M upright inspection and research microscope

Key features
Universal inspection microscope
Flexible and expandable system
Full product line-up for brightfeild, darkfield, polarised light, DIC and fluorescence

The Olympus BX51M offers a full product line-up for every purpose and even for special material science applications. Near infrared light observations are possible with the same microscope body and reflected light illuminator. The Olympus BX51M provides great system versatility for reflected light materials science.
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Olympus MX51 - Industrial inspection microscope.

Key Features:
Flexible and versatile
Quick efficient inspections
Cost efficient
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MX61/MX61L - upright inspection microscopes.

Key Features:
Fast startup
Easy operation
Reliable failure analysis
Future expandability
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Olympus GX41 - small inverted metallurgical microscope.

Key Features:
UIS2 optics for unsurpassed optical performance
Portable and easy to carry
Mirror stage for convenient specimen confirmation
Highly expandable system
Suitable for brightfield and simple polarised light observations

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Olympus GX51 - inverted reflected light microscope.

Key Features:
Versatile modular design
Improved optical performance
New standards in image clarity
Ergonomic layout
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Olympus GX71 - inverted reflected light microscope.

Key Features:
Versatile modular design
For any observation method from brightfield, darkfield
and Nomarski/DIC
Erect images for easier comparison
Flexibility for any needs
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