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Olympus MVX10 MacroView - macro zoom fluorescence microscope

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Olympus MVX10 MacroView - a class of its own.

Key Features:
Maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation
Excellent light transmission from near UV to near IR increases the range of usable fluorophores
Seamless observation from 4x to125x
Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time
Complete system solutions for optimised recordings
Long WD for observation at optimum magnification
Compatible with CoolLED fluorescence excitation systems

Researchers are interested in the impact of gene expression and protein function not only at the cellular level but also within whole tissues, organs and even organisms. Hence organisms like C. elegans(nematode worm), Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), Danio rerio (zebrafish), Xenopus leavis (african clawed frog), Mus musculus (mouse) or the plant Arabidopsis thaliana (wall cress) are used as biological models for in vivo studies in a vast field of research applications. Fluorescence techniques are ideal for the observation of these organisms because they are non-destructive and can be performed over long periods.

The perfect microscope for fluorescence observation in intact organisms must combine maximum detection efficiency from lowest to highest magnifications with a high magnification zoom and high NA for the resolution of fine details within organs, tissues and even cells. The Olympus MVX10 MacroView brings both of these factors together with many other unique features to bridge the gap between macro and micro observation, providing unprecedented brightness, resolution and precision.

The Olympus MVX10 Optical Concept
Stereo microscopes have been so far the devices of choice for fluorescence observation at low magnifications. Two zoom optical paths – one for the left and one for the right eye - are the basis for the stereoscopic effect. This optical concept is disadvantageous for observation and imaging of weak fluorescence signals because every optical path gets only half of the light collected by the objective thus reducing overall intensity notably. The Olympus MVX10 MacroView employs a single, zoom optical path with large diameter, optimised for unprecedented light collecting efficiency and resolution at all magnifications. - Fluorescence from whole organisms down to the cellular level, the MVX10 sees it all.
But there is more. The MVX10 features a unique pupil division mechanism in the eye observation lightpath. Its stereoscopic effect is not as prominent as in a classical stereo microscope but suitable for many observations. So you can get both, highest light efficiency and stereo observation in one system, just by moving a slider. 

A unique objective line
The MVX10 provides the same working distance and large field of view as stereo microscopes, but with much higher resolution due to the increased numerical apertures (NA) of the objectives. Specially designed for the MVX10, the 0,63x, 1x and 2x planapochromatic objectives produce highest image quality at all wavelenghts. All three objectives are plan-corrected for best image flatness and show high transmission to near infrared (IR) and superior chromatic aberration correction. This results in great flexibility for efficient, fast and precise fluorescence observation, screening and imaging — from low to high magnification over time.

From macro to micro
Using the 2-position revolving nosepiece with the 0.63x and 2x objectives expands the usable zoom range up to 31.
The objectives are parfocal corrected, making refocusing after objective switching very quick and easy. Only a small amount of fine focusing is necessary to return to the optimal focus position, making macro to micro changes seamless. The 2x objective is also equipped with an additional correction collar to adjust the image quality independently of the specimen medium.

MVX10 - Dedicated to fluorescence
All optical components in combination with the lightpath design contribute to the phenomenal fluorescence performance of the MVX10. The single-zoom optical path with a large diameter is optimised to collect light with unprecedented efficiency. Using latest technologies and new materials, the MVX10 objectives produce minimal autofluorescence. This together with very high numerical apertures results in an extremely good signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio, ensuring excellent contrast for observation of even the faintest fluorescence signals. 

Fluorescence equipment
A new coating technique gives the Olympus HQ filters an exceptional edge steepness and very low autofluorescence. All the filter cubes are equipped to absorb stray light. Light collection efficiency is also maximised with an aspherical fluorescence collector, which bundles the light for minimum intensity loss.

Seeing is believing: tailor-made system solutions by Olympus
The Olympus imaging system solutions make sure that you always get the best possible results. Highly sensitive and dynamic cameras ensure data acquisition in shortest time and with highest fidelity. The intuitive Olympus cellSens software and the xcellence imaging system allows easy control of all functions and experimental parameters including processing and analysis of images. The systems are also capable of supporting prolonged visualisation of samples requiring careful environmental control with the addition of accessories, such as a heated stage.

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