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Olympus CX41 - Ideal for routine laboratory applications.

Key Features:
Large variety of applications
Adaptable for GOUT inspection
Asbestos Fibre Counting
Outstanding flat images
Enhanced image clarity
Accepts a wide range of digital cameras

The Olympus CX41 provides images of outstanding brightness and clarity in a variety of observation modes. As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 infinity optics system it employs the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives, which are made from carefully selected top quality glass and are manufactured with the most rigorous precision. The result is a major improvement image flatness, with the 10x and 40x objectives in particular providing images that are among the very best available in this class of microscope. Transmitted light illumination is from a 6v 30W halogen light source. Applications include brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarised light and fluorescence. Digital cameras can also be attached with the correct adapters.
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Olympus CX31 - Ideal for teaching and routine applications

Key Features:
Advanced optical system
Easy operation and transport
Highly reliable rack-free stage
Leading in it’s class of microscopes

The Olympus CX31 is a fixed specification binocular microscope for teaching and routine applications. It offers a rigid and durable construction with high performance and long life time. The optics provide bright and even images and adapters allow mounting of Olympus digital cameras for easy and efficient digital imaging.
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Olympus CX31-P - A cost-efficient, high-quality polarising microscope for research, education and routine inspection.

Key Features:
Exclusive polarising optics with minimal distortion.
Intermediate attachments for orthoscopic and conoscopic image observations.
8 different plates and compensators including 1/4 wave, 1st order red, full wave, quartz wedge, 2 berek compensators, de Senarmont, 2 Brace-Kohler compensators.
Compact and light weight for easy transportation.
Ideal for classroom use.
Can be configured for asbestos fibre ID applications
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Olympus BX43 -  world renowned UIS2 optics and operating efficiency for a wide range of clinical applications.

Key Features:
True colour LED illumination
Various contrast methods
Light Intensity Manager
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out
Digital imaging platform for a wide range of camera systems

The Olympus BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique colour-matched LED brightfield illumination, it offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space-efficient frame of the Olympus BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost performance, making it an ideal and versatile standalone microscope for standard imaging applications, and also the perfect starting point for digital imaging, motorisation and even fluorescence – it is future-lab-ready so that you can be too.
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Olympus BX46 – specialised for clinical screening.

Key Features:
Unrivalled ergonomy
Ultra low fixed stage
World's first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
Light Intensity Manager
True colour LED illumination
No condenser changes from 4x to 100x

The Olympus BX46 was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of repetitive routine microscopy. In contrast to conventional microscopes, where samples are focused using a moving stage, the Olympus BX46 has a moveable objective nosepiece. This allows the stage to be fixed in the Z-plane very close to the desk surface and it is therefore in the same place relative to the user’s hand at all times. The unmatched three dimensional adaptability of the new observation tube also provides the ideal posture for the user. This unique Olympus BX46 microscope design shows the attention to detail used in the construction and ensures the highest levels of comfort for long term screening.
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Olympus BX53 - The researchers' choice for quality, performance, and application flexibility.

Key Features:
Suitable for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, Nomarski/DIC,polarised light and fluorescence applications
8 Position fluorescence illuminator (accepts CoolLED excitation systems)
Unique Fluorescence Illumination with fly-eye optics
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out to cellSens software
Ambidextrous operation
Eco mode

The new Olympus BX53 provides advanced modularity to suit a variety of observation styles. The rigid, compact space-saving frame features forward-mounted, easy-to-operate controls for improved efficiency and greater operator comfort. New operator controls are accessible from either side of the microscope, and an ECO sensor automatically turns off the transmitted light when the operator is not seated at the microscope. True to the Olympus philosophy, the Olympus BX53 offers an extended range of accessories and objectives to satisfy todays most discerning microscopists.
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Olympus BX63 - The automated microscope system for high-end fluorescence imaging.

Key Features:
Most accurate motorised Z-drive
Highest stability due to fixed stage design
Highly precise ultra-sonic stage
Unique operational concept
Unmatched workspace personalisation
Full control via touch panel controller
Detachable manual controller
Intuitive contrast management
Compatible with CoolLED fluorescence excitation systems

The Olympus BX63 is completely motorised and is uniquely focused via the nosepiece rather than stage, which enables the stage to be fixed making it more stable. The motorised stage is also new and is driven by advanced, high precision, ultrasonic Piezo technology, providing silent, smooth and extremely precise operation. The stage can even be positioned by hand enabling rapid gross sample alignment while highly accurate encoders continuously read-out X,Y position The excellent encoding enables the user to set precise coordinates and navigate directly to them at high speed.
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Olympus SZ51 – versatile stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Excellent image flatness
Sharp, bright and high contrast optics
Best zoom ratio in its class
Targeted to basic research and education

The versatile and cost-efficient Olympus SZ51 zoom stereo microscope offers a broad range of functions for observation and documentation of specimens in life science. New ComfortView eyepieces ensure fast, comfortable observation. The world's first universal LED integrated illumination stand brings all the advantages of LED technology to stereo microscopy. Ideal for imaging as LEDs have a constant color temperature.
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Olympus SZ61 – full featured stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Wide variety of lighting systems, stands and accessories
Unique LED integrated illumination stand
Top zoom performance
Ready for digital camera adaptation
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Olympus SZX7 – compact stereo microscope.

Key Features:
Galilean optical system
0.8x - 5.6x zoom range
High NA objectives
Wide variety of illumination options
Flexible modular system
Best resolving power in its class
Outstanding zoom ratio
Wide range of observation methods
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