Olympus CX41 (PCM) - fibre counting

Olympus CX41 (PCM) for asbestos fibre counting

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Olympus CX41 - the ultimate asbestos fibre counting microscope

Key Features:
Easily resolves the 5th set of lines on an NPL test slide
Easy to use and set up
Outstanding flatfield images
Enhanced image clarity
Portable and robust
Cost effective and affordable

The Olympus CX41 provides images of outstanding brightness and clarity in a variety of observation modes. As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 infinity optics system it employs the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives, which are made from carefully selected top quality glass and are manufactured with the most rigorous precision. The result is a major improvement in image flatness, with the 10x and 40x objectives in particular providing images that are among the very best available in this class of microscope. Transmitted light illumination is from a 6v 30W halogen light source.

Olympus CX41 standard outfit for asbestos fibre counting
 CX41-RF-5  Microscope frame with quintuple nosepiece, fixed mechanical stage with RH low
 drive controls, specimen holder for two slides, built in halogen illumination -
 6v 30W,  field iris, focus lock, torque adjustment and blue filter 32.5C-2.
 U-CBI30-2-2  Binocular tube with leadfree optics, 30° inclination and interpupillary distance  adjustment from 48-75 mm. Adjustable diopter range (± 5 diopter) on left sleeve  
 UYCP  Power cord  
 6v 30W HAL  Halogen lamps (2)  
 CX-PCD-2    Zernike type phase contrast condenser with auxiliary lens   
 PLCN10xPH   10x phase objective with NA0.25 PH1  
 PLCN40xPH  40x phase objective with NA0.65 PH2  
 WF12.5x-H *  12.5x eyepiece (Focussing) includes Walton and Beckitt graticule.  
 WF12.5x *  12.5x eyepiece  
 CT-MT *  Phase centering telescope  
 IF-550*  Green interference filter  
 CX-DC   Dust cover   
 CF-FC *   Flight case for CX41 (optional)  
  Complete standard outfit  £3990.00

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