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Olympus Stream materials science software

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OLYMPUS Stream materials science software


OLYMPUS Stream is an advanced micro-imaging software that allows you to seamlessly acquire, process, and measure images, to create valuable data and reports. The software can easily be customized and provides sophisticated results with simple flexible operation.

OLYMPUS Stream, Designed with Your Workflow in Mind

Keep Your Workflow Streamlined

BX51M and OLYMPUS Stream
BX51M and OLYMPUS Stream
Your time is just as important as your working conditions. That's why the OLYMPUS Stream system can be personalized to fit your process flow. An easy-to-use interface guides you effortlessly through every step from image adjustment and capture, measurements, report creations, and archiving-or whatever you need to achieve. As a result, you'll find that you can complete your tasks more efficiently, regardless of their complexity.

Build Your Olympus System Your Way

The OLYMPUS Stream software system can be purchased in a variety of packages designed to fit your needs- whether you require the capabilities found in the entry- level OLYMPUS Stream Start or the advanced automation controls found in OLYMPUS Stream Motion. The packages are also expandable with specific application modules to meet unique analysis needs.
There's a right package for your requirements. You can create your system exactly as you wish-your way.

Easily Expandable To Future Applications

With the OLYMPUS Stream system, you're prepared not only for today's applications but for tomorrow's as well. Whatever the future may bring, OLYMPUS Stream system solutions will let you keep up with advances in technology.

OLYMPUS Stream Software Adapts to Your Every Requirement

User Interface Function

OLYMPUS Stream user interface
OLYMPUS Stream user interface
As you progress from image capture to report creation, the tool windows you need are always displayed at every stage. You can quickly and easily access control parameters.
Work flow 1 : Image Acquisition
Work flow 1 : Image Acquisition
Work flow 2 : Image capture Work flow 2 : Measurements
Work flow 2 : Measurements
Work flow 3: Objective Detection
Work flow 3:Objective Detection
Work flow 4: Report Generation
Work flow 4: Report Generation

Dynamic User Interface

Depending on your needs, you can arrange the layout of the tool window to best fit your workflow. You can create customized layouts with all the necessary functions for each activity.

Microsoft Office Integration

OLYMPUS Stream can create professional reports directly into Microsoft Word. Report templates and headers can be flexibly modified according to your company's needs. The images can be zoomed and annotated along with the metadata.
Statistical analysis and graphing are also accomplished using Excel with the output easily imported into your report. OLYMPUS Stream uses a unique compression method that allows you to store view reports without the need for any unique applications software.

My Function

You can create intuitive workflows based on the most frequently used functions, simplifying repetitive tasks so that even new users are able to operate the software easily and efficiently.

OLYMPUS Stream Adapts to Your Workflow

Live Image Navigation

Using the OLYMPUS Stream image navigation allows you to pan and zoom on live or stored images. The image navigator interface provides immediate updates at your location on both the zoomed and unmagnified images. The navigation system provides you with fast, immediate views of your sample before you acquire an image. All image viewing and manipulation is carried out with a clean, simple user interface, providing fast and intuitive results.

Peeled integrated circuit
Peeled integrated circuit

HDR Capability

HDR (High Dynamic Range) offers an exceptional level of contrast for microscopic images containing both bright, highly reflective features as well as dark low-reflective features. As an integral part of OLYMPUS Stream software HDR algorithms automatically acquire a series of images at varying exposure times and within seconds create a composite image perfectly exposed at every section. This is especially useful for metallurgical microstructures, printed circuit boards, or composite components. HDR imaging is also offered when acquiring stitched, panoramic (MIA) images, or when creating combined images of perfect focus, sampling from varying focal points (EFI).

Without HDR
Without HDR
With HDR (High Dynamic Range)
With HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Instant Extended Focus Image (EFI)

OLYMPUS Stream software easily provides images for samples that extend beyond the depth of focus. The instant Extended Focus Image allows you to use the fine focus adjustment to combine many images in the z-axis to provide you with a single combined output that can be used for visualization or measuring in x and y.

Perfectly focused image of diamond
Perfectly focused image of diamond
Perfectly focused image of diamond

Manual Multiple Image Alignment (MIA)

OLYMPUS Stream software provides MIA to enable the creation of panoramic images of samples that extend beyond the field of view. The simple step-by-step process allows you to quickly combine the images. The OLYMPUS Stream software then quickly stitches them together, providing you with an output ready for simple visualization or complex measurement.

Multiple image acquisition of Platinum wires cross sections
Multiple image acquisition of Platinum wires cross sections
Multiple image acquisition of Platinum wires cross sections

Olympus Offers Solutions to Save You Time


For precise sample focusing and speedy image acquisition, OLYMPUS Stream offers two autofocus options. For surfaces with high contrast, OLYMPUS Stream can also use its contrast-based software autofocus. For surfaces with low contrast, such as polished or transparent materials, the laser autofocus unit is a fast, repeatable option when integrated with the Olympus BXiS microscope system. Both systems provide perfectly focused images with the simple click of a button.

Macro Recorder

OLYMPUS Stream provides a way to preset complex imaging and measuring tasks with the Macro Recorder. The Macro Recorder creates step-by-step processes, which, after completion, are stored and then implemented with a single click. This capability provides all operators with the same settings and consistent output.

Automatic MIA/EFI

Multiple Image acquisition Pt wires cross sections
Multiple Image acquisition Pt wires cross sections
When creating large, high-resolution automated MIA (montage overview) images, the combination of OLYMPUS Stream with a motorized stage easily provides a fast result. The operator selects MIA scanning by using the stage navigator tool, which steps the operator though the entire process. When using the automatic EFI function with a motorized focus unit, the software recommends the optimum number of images required to provide perfectly focused images that are outside the depth of field.

Tilt Compensation

OLYMPUS Stream can predict a sample's tilt by taking three or more points on the coordinate data when performing automated MIA using motorized systems. This shortens the time and increases the repeatability for stage height adjustment when acquiring images.

OLYMPUS Stream Gets You the Image You Want

3D Image Creation

By using the a motorized focus unit, images with different focus positions can be recorded automatically. In addition, calibrated z-profile measurements using z-stack data and 3D image creation using the 3D-EFI function are made possible. The three-dimensional view of the sample becomes crystal clear with a few mouse clicks.

Coin detail
Coin detail
3D profilometry of wear track
3D profilometry of wear track

Image Processing

OLYMPUS Stream has a variety of filters for edge detection, smoothing, and other purposes. You can visualize image features by enhancing and modifying with a processing filter on the acquired image. For best results, you can check or adjust the filter results in a preview display. Additionally, image manipulations such as sum, subtraction and erosion are also easily carried out without losing your valuable original image.

Filter DCE
Filter (Enhancement of contrast by DCE filter)

From Simple Measurements to Particle Analysis

Basic Measurement

Measurement Operation
Measurement Operation
Optical inspection and quality control require frequent measurements. OLYMPUS Stream provides interactive measurement functions such as distances, angles, rectangles, circles, ellipses and polygons. The measurements are made with your mouse and show immediate feedback indicated on the image or in the live data table. All results are saved with the image files as records. To further improve on accuracy, optical data such as system magnification are automatically available when combined with the Olympus Microscope system.

Measurement Result

Included with the OLYMPUS Stream Basic package and other more advanced packages is an integrated data analysis package. The data analysis provides statistical analysis on your data based on your needs. You can calculate mean standard deviation, min, max, and more. All of the data gathered is exported to Microsoft Excel with a single click.

Magic Wand

OLYMPUS Stream Essentials and other more-advanced packages include a wand for automatically detecting the edges of the sample you wish to measure. The Magic Wand allows you to select the measurement points-free hand for simple or multiple lines, plus free hand polygon measurements for irregularly shaped objects.

Layer Management

Each image as it is captured and annotated is broken into layers (original image, measurement data, annotations etc.), allowing you to change processing files (smoothing and/or sharpening) without affecting your measurement results. You can easily retain your measuring data as you carry out your analysis and measurements.


For quality control and traceability recording the conditions of image acquisition is essential. With OLYMPUS Stream, you can quickly create a calibration report for important information like magnification, objective lens type, pixel size, scale bar, etc. The Info Stamp created from updated calibration information can be used for overlaying on the acquired image and reports.

Phase Analysis

OLYMPUS Stream Essentials and other more-advanced packages offer a very flexible and powerful phase analysis tool with ROI selection. It speeds and simplifies the extraction of phase fraction data of more than one compound in the same image.

Original Image
Original Image
Phase Detection
Phase Detection

Count and Measure

Object Detection and Classification
Object Detection and Classification
Object detection and size distribution measurement are among the most important applications in digital imaging. OLYMPUS Stream incorporates a detection engine that utilizes threshold methods to reliably separate objects (e.g. particles, scratches) from the background. OLYMPUS Stream offers more than 50 different parameters for shape, size, position, and pixel properties (intensity, gray value) for object classification.

OLYMPUS Stream Provides Intuitive Workflow Interfaces

Easy-to-use Operation

With the click of an icon on the Materials Solution tool window, you can execute the most complex image analysis task quickly, precisely, and in compliance with most common international standards.

Example: Grains Planimetric
Example: Grains Planimetric

Specialized Solutions for Metallography and Materials Science

Layer Thickness Measurement

One or more layers of cross-sectioned samples can be measured. With the OLYMPUS Stream software technology, the shapes are defined and the layers automatically measured. This module is used for a wide variety of applications, such as evaluating paint-coating thickness and layer thickness evaluation of multilayer materials such as composite plastics.

Carbon Fiber Fabric
Carbon Fiber Fabric
Report 1

Cast Iron

This module is for casting manufacturers who need to measure and control the graphite nodularity to check the mechanical characteristics of their cast products. With OLYMPUS Stream, this nodularity can be calculated by graphite size, shape, and distribution. The results are automatically created according to international standards (JIS G5502, ASTM E247, and ISO945).

Cast Iron
Polished Cast Iron
Report 2

Grain Sizing Intercept

This module is for steel manufacturers measuring and controlling grain size after cross-sectioning, polishing or etching steel samples. OLYMPUS Stream can calculate the grain size number G by the intercept method automatically with no time consuming manual actions. The results are created according to international standards (JS G0552, ASTM E112, and DIN50601).

Intercept Method
Intercept Method
Report 3

Grain Sizing Planimetric

This module is for steel manufacturers measuring and controlling grain size after cross-sectioning, polishing or etching steel samples. OLYMPUS Stream can automatically calculate the grain size number G by the planimetric method. The results are created according to international standards (JIS G0552, ASTM E112, and DIN50601).

Planimetric Method
Planimetric Method
Report 4

Non-Metallic Inclusion Rating in Steel

This module is for steel manufacturers measuring and controlling the shape and size of non-metallic inclusions (oxide, alumina, sulphide, or silicate) in steel. OLYMPUS Stream can evaluate non-metallic inclusion with the results created automatically according to international standards (ASTM E45 Method A and DIN 50602 Method M).

Non-Metallic Inclusion in Steel
Non-Metallic Inclusion in Steel
Report 5

Chart Comparison

A live or still image can be compared with standard charts. Overlay comparisons can be made, and function preview is available. This module can be used for ASTM grain size number evaluation, non-metallic inclusion rating, and cast-iron shape class evaluation.

Steel microstructure with superimposed reference image as overlay for live evaluation
Steel microstructure with superimposed reference image as overlay for live evaluation (ISO 643:83)
Grain Sizing
(DIN 50602)
Cast Iron
Cast Iron
(ISO 945)
Grain Sizing
Grain Sizing
(ISO 643:03)

Olympus Broad Range of Digital Cameras


DP72 The DP73 is a 17.3 megapixel cooled digital color camera for microscopes with pixel-shift echnology to attain ultra high resolution, high sensitivity and wide dynamic extended range function to produce contrast balanced images.


The DP26 is a 5 megapixel digital camera for microscopy with high-fidelity color reproduction and progressive scanning free from color shift, providing live images with superb quality, seamlessly integrated into the OLYMPUS Stream analysis software


This 2M-pixel color CCD camera can be controlled from a space-saving, intuitively operated hand switch that incorporates the 12 most frequently used measurement functions for efficient inspection of industrial parts.

> Click here for the Olympus' lineup of digital cameras.
> Click here for the comparison sheet of Olympus' digital cameras.

OLYMPUS Stream Expands to Meet Your Future Needs

Database Management

When you need to efficiently browse through thousands of images and other files created in the past, OLYMPUS Stream can streamline your workflow from image capture through data management.
The software incorporates a client-server database based on Microsoft SQL Server Express. It allows you to assign user-definable fields (creation date, project ID, parts number, deadline, and metadata) into image and other files and folders, permitting efficient data sharing and quick searches.

Document Storage Option (DSO)

OLYMPUS Stream's Document Storage Option is an optional database for single systems that provides a simple structure that can safely store and organize your images. This easy to use database makes finding, sorting and filtering your images quick and simple. Document storage function is option software for OLYMPUS Stream Essentials

Simple Network Connections

The OLYMPUS Stream NETCAM option lets any authorized network user connect to your OLYMPUS Stream PC and visualize the same image in real time with a web browser. What's more, the DP21 also provides self-contained integration into your local network, allowing you to share your work across your office or around the world.

Microsoft Office 2010

Stay up to date with OLYMPUS Stream. The report tool can use the new version of the very popular Microsoft Office suite. OLYMPUS Stream is there and is designed for the future.

Windows 7 64-bit

The 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows 7 is the new reference in operating systems. OLYMPUS Stream fully utilizes all of the advanced capabilities of 64-bit computing for your everyday tasks. You can smoothly execute advanced image processing tasks (like counting more than 2 million objects simultaneously) that were impossible before.

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