Motic BA310 Pol

Motic BA310 Polarising microscope

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Motic BA310Pol Motic BA310Pol

Motic BA310-POL - Polarising Microscope

The Motic BA310-POL polarising microscope is part of the BA series comprising a range of models with outstanding system simplicity and optical performance for Life Science, Geology, Material Science & Forensics.

To meet increasing demands for a dedicated, professional polarising microscope, the Motic BA310-POL features strain-free CCIS optics built-up around a sturdy frame with centerable objectives.


 BA310Pol Standard & Optional Configuration
 Component Package
 BA310POL Main Body  ●
 Eyepiece  WF PL 10X ( Ø 20) w/ diopter  ●
 WF PL 10X ( Ø 20)  w/ cross hair & diopter   ●
 Siedentopf Binocular Head 30° inclined  ●
 Siedentopf Trinocular Head 30° inclined (20:80)  ○
 Siedentopf Trinocular Head 30° inclined (0:100)  ○
 Intermediate Tube  360° Rotatable Analyzer  ●
 Focusable Bertrand Lens
 Quadruple Nosepiece  ●
 Objectives "Strain-free EF Plan objectives"  4X  ●
 10X  ●
 20X  ○
 40X (S)  ●
 60X (S)  ●
 360° Rotatable Stage  ●
 Swing-out Achromat Condenser N.A. 0.90  ●
 Polariser  ●
 λ Tint Plate  ○
 1/4λ Retardation Plate  ○
 Quartz Wedge    ○
 Empty Insertion Plate    ●
 Mechanical Stage  ○
 1X Video Adapter    ○
 0.65X Video Adapter    ○
 0.5X  Video Adapter (c-mount)  ○
 Photo Adapter  ○
 Photo Eyepiece  2.5X   ○
 4X   ○
 6V/30W Halogen Light (adjustable intensity)  ●
 Filters  Yellow filter   ○
 Green interference   ○
 Ground glass   ○
 Blue filter   ●
 Neutral Density   ○
 2.5mm Hexa Allen Key  ●
 ● Standard Item,"○" Optional Item  

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