Motic BA310-Pol fibre ID

Motic BA310-POL asbestos fibre ID (PLM) microscope

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Motic BA310-POL (PLM) for asbestos fibre ID

Key Features:
Extremely cost effective 
Well laid out ‘all at hand’ controls
30° binocular head and widefield eyepieces.
Individually centred objectives
Flip out condenser lens enables switching between polarisation and dispersion staining.
10xPOL & 10x Dispersion Staining 10x objective.

Standard outfit
BA310POL stand with 6v/30w halogen illumination
Reversed quadruple nosepiece, single positions centrable
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system with tension adjustment
Built in low position coaxial mechanical stage (Right-hand control)
Koehler illumination with intensity control
Universal power supply 100-240V (CE)
Siedentopf binocular eyepiece tube 30° inclined
2 x high eyepoint eyepieces WFPL10X/20mm with diopter-~
~adjustment on both eyepieces and cross hair on one eyepiece
Intermediate tube with slide-in rotatable analyzer 360º built-in
Bertrand lens and 1st order red G plate
Plan objective 10x POL (strain-free )
Dispersion Staining objective 10x (DSO)
360º Circular Rotating Stage with locking screw
Achromat swing-out condenser N.A. 0.90/0.13 (strain-free)
Rotatable polariser fixed on condenser carrier
Power cord, allen key, vinyl dust cover
Conforms to current UKAS specifications.

Binocular version only £2495.00
Trinocular version only £2595.00

Motic Asbestos Microscopes

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