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Olympus XC30 Digital colour camera

Key Features:
3.2 megapixel cooled digital colour camera with CCD chip
Live frame rates:
    7.0 fps at 2080 x 1544
    35 fps at 688 x 514
Olympus True Colour camera

Olympus list price £5100 + vat

Compared to the UC30, the Olympus XC30 offers Peltier cooling and partial read-out. Due to its colour fidelity the XC30 is ideal for use in pathology or histology. It is also suitable for high-intensity fluorescence.
The compact and elegant housing conceals a 2080 x 1544 pixel CCD chip with 12 bits per channel.

Just like the UC30, the Olympus XC30 also offers various frame rates for working within the entire field of view. The partial-read-out mode simplifies focusing through an extremely high frame rate. A segment of the entire field of view is defined by the user and only this image segment is read out by the camera. The additional Peltier cooling guarantees perfect colour images that are rich in contrast, colour fidelity and have extremely low noise. Alongside high resolution colour acquisitions, the XC30 also offers acquisition of monochrome images.

All control functions are operable via analysis software, which ensures the utilisation of the dynamic range, independent of what the current acquisition parameters are.

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