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Olympus DP26 Digital Camera

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Olympus DP26 Digital Camera

Key Features
5 megapixel digital colour camera with CCD chip
Fluid and fast live imaging thanks to the Progressive Scan readout chip
Olympus True Colour function for faithful colour reproduction

Desktop version E0432133 DP26-DESK  -  DP26 Desktop kit £6795 + vat
Laptop version E0432137 DP26-LAPT  -  DP26 Laptop kit £6500 + vat

Superior Quality Images

Designed to maintain maximum performance at low magnifications with large fields of view

Patterned resist
Patterned resist
Equipped with an industry leading 5-megapixel CCD, the micro imaging digital camera, DP26 captures images at up to 2448 x 1920-pixel resolution´╝Źallowing large fields of view captured at low magnification providing vivid clarity with images remaining clear even when digitally enlarged.

Faithful Reproduction Equivalent to Direct View

Color Reproduction Comparable to the Unaided Human Eye

The DP26 is ideally suited to be used for visual inspection,with near real time imaging. Its color fidelity provides faithful color reproduction for a variety of samples in such diverse fields as materials science, semiconductor and electronics.

Smooth, Live Images with Exceptional Detail

Live Display Provides Efficient Operation

The DP26 incorporates progressive scanning free from color shift and offers high-speed IEEE 1394b connectivity*. This allows smooth, 1224 x 960-pixel display in near real time at 16 frames per second and supports more efficient identification of your areas of interest.
* Available when connected to a desktop computer.

Optimize Camera Performance with OLYMPUS Stream Image Analysis Software

Adaptable User Interface

As you progress from image capture to report creation, the tool windows you need are always displayed at every stage.You can quickly and easily access control parameters. Depending on your needs, you can arrange the layout of the tool window to best fit your workflow. You can create customized layouts with all the necessary functions to meet your needs.

Diverse Capabilities

Manual Multiple Image Aligment (MIA)
Manual Multiple Image Aligment (MIA)

OLYMPUS Stream makes it easy to perform a variety of measurements on both live and captured images. Measuring results can be exported to Microsoft Excel for advanced analysis. Customized reports can be generated to meet your specific needs. Additional functionality is also found with panoramic images (MIA) that combine images beyond a single field of view and Extended Focus Image (EFI) that provides 3D renderings. The OLYMPUS Stream software also provides optional unique modules for specific applications such as grain sizing.
Images in the Z axis
Images in the Z axis Instant Extended Focus Image (EFI)

Digital Colour Camera DP26
The Olympus DP26 is a highly evolved digital colour camera system which covers the needs of many scientific microscopy and routine imaging purposes, such as documentation, reporting and analysis. Advanced technologies like the Progressive Scan readout of the chip guarantee a live image which is fast, fluid and free from distracting artefacts such as image striping or colour ghosts, making day-long routine work more comfortable and efficient. Exploring the sample and focusing on the screen becomes a natural alternative to working at the oculars, while colour reproduction is optimized using the Olympus True Colour function. The Olympus DP26 can acquire highly detailed images up to 5 Megapixels in resolution. In addition, an extensive dynamic range and sensitivity up to ISO 400 ensures that the images captured are of outstanding quality, even under challenging illumination conditions. The combination of high resolution, fluid live image viewing and excellent colour fidelity all guarantee an efficient and stress-free microscopy workflow.

Fluid and natural live imaging 
The Progressive Scan mode of the DP26 is available at all supported resolutions, eliminating the distracting artefacts such as stripes or colour ghosts that are commonly produced using interlaced methods.  At most commonly used resolutions, a rapid refresh rate of 16 frames or more per second can be achieved, providing comfortable and pleasant live viewing. For specialist monitors capable of displaying 5 megapixels, the system can easily provide a live feed at 7 frames per second, even at this very high resolution.
Perfect images
Whether using automatic or manual exposure routines, you will always obtain optimal image quality. The dimensions and magnification of all the images you capture are automatically recorded, making calibrated measurements, enhancement and filtering functions accurate and simple to perform. The high ISO 400 sensitivity of the DP26 makes it perfect for performing imaging in demanding light situations, such as when utilising phase-contrast/dark-field microscopy, or when working with darkly stained samples. The high dynamic range of the system keeps sample details crisp and alive. The Olympus cellSens software implements specific algorithms that calibrate the system for each individual camera installation, guaranteeing that your set-up will produce an evenly illuminated image, every time.
Brilliant colour reproduction with the Olympus True Colour Function
One of the DP26’s remarkable attributes is its real-time true colour reproduction. The application of the Olympus True Colour profiling technology guarantees the high fidelity of colours, mimicking how they appear when seen through the microscope eyepieces, including the maintenance of a natural white background. This effect is enhanced when the camera is coupled with Olympus frames utilising our exclusive True Colour LED illumination system.

Easy handling
The DP26 uses a standard C-mount connection, making installation simple and fast on most microscope frames. Specific Desktop and Laptop versions of the camera guarantee optimized performance for your specific setup, while a high-speed FireWire™ interface allows connection with a wide range of computer hardware.


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