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Laboratory Microscopes

Olympus CX41 - Ideal for routine laboratory applications.

Key Features:
Large variety of applications
Adaptable for GOUT inspection
Asbestos Fibre Counting
Outstanding flat images
Enhanced image clarity
Accepts a wide range of digital cameras

The Olympus CX41 provides images of outstanding brightness and clarity in a variety of observation modes. As well as Olympus' renowned UIS2 infinity optics system it employs the PLCN series of Plan Achromat objectives, which are made from carefully selected top quality glass and are manufactured with the most rigorous precision. The result is a major improvement image flatness, with the 10x and 40x objectives in particular providing images that are among the very best available in this class of microscope. Transmitted light illumination is from a 6v 30W halogen light source. Applications include brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarised light and fluorescence. Digital cameras can also be attached with the correct adapters.
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Olympus CX31 - Ideal for teaching and routine applications

Key Features:
Advanced optical system
Easy operation and transport
Highly reliable rack-free stage
Leading in it’s class of microscopes

The Olympus CX31 is a fixed specification binocular microscope for teaching and routine applications. It offers a rigid and durable construction with high performance and long life time. The optics provide bright and even images and adapters allow mounting of Olympus digital cameras for easy and efficient digital imaging.
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Olympus BX43 -  world renowned UIS2 optics and operating efficiency for a wide range of clinical applications.

Key Features:
True colour LED illumination
Various contrast methods
Light Intensity Manager
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out
Digital imaging platform for a wide range of camera systems

The Olympus BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique colour-matched LED brightfield illumination, it offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space-efficient frame of the Olympus BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost performance, making it an ideal and versatile standalone microscope for standard imaging applications, and also the perfect starting point for digital imaging, motorisation and even fluorescence – it is future-lab-ready so that you can be too.
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Olympus BX46 – specialised for clinical screening.

Key Features:
Unrivalled ergonomy
Ultra low fixed stage
World's first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
Light Intensity Manager
True colour LED illumination
No condenser changes from 4x to 100x

The Olympus BX46 was specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of repetitive routine microscopy. In contrast to conventional microscopes, where samples are focused using a moving stage, the Olympus BX46 has a moveable objective nosepiece. This allows the stage to be fixed in the Z-plane very close to the desk surface and it is therefore in the same place relative to the user’s hand at all times. The unmatched three dimensional adaptability of the new observation tube also provides the ideal posture for the user. This unique Olympus BX46 microscope design shows the attention to detail used in the construction and ensures the highest levels of comfort for long term screening.
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The Olympus IX53 has been designed from the ground up to be the finest microscope available for routine microscopic analysis. Combining excellent optical performance and mechanical build quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort. Features such as the pre-centred phase contrast, relief contrast and the flexible UIS2 DIC system enable easy manipulation across all magnifications for thin and thick specimens. Condensers with different working distances and long working objectives allow observation and documentation in even the most complex sample devices.

Key features
Suitable for fluorescence, phase, relief contrast and brightfield microscopy
Fluorescence turret for up to 8 filter cubes
UIS2 infinity corrected optics
Pre-centered phase contrast optics
Choice of 30W or 100W illumination pillars
Range of LWD condensers available
Cost effective

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EX30 series biological microscope

Key features
Infinity color corrected optical system
Widefield high eyepoint FN22 eyepieces and Plan achromatic objectives 
Outstanding design and ergonomic structure
LED or halogen light source
Can be configured for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and polarised light. 
Published in Yenway Microscopes
Key features
Infinity colour corrected optical system
Impressive optical and build quality
Co-axial course and fine focusing controls
Kohler illumination 6v 30W halogen
FN22 10x eyepieces
Brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescence observations
Extremely cost effective compared with other manufactures
5 year warranty 

Published in Yenway Microscopes

Key Features

Infinity color corrected optical system
Koehler illumination system
Plan Fluorite objectives
Ergonomic design, steady system structure, easy operation, is suitable for various working environments.
Modular design for combining multiple functions, fluorescence, phase contrast, polarised light, darkfield.
Published in Yenway Microscopes
Key features

Optical System

Infinity color corrected optical system

Viewing Head

45° inclined trinocular head, 360° rotatable, inter-pupillary range: 50-75mm, fixed splitting ratio=5:5


High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm, with adjustable diopter, micrometer attachable

High eye-point wide field plan eyepiece PL15X/16mm, with adjustable diopter


Infinity plan achromatic objectives 4X/10X/20X/40X/60X

Infinity plan phase contrast objectives 4X/10X/20X/40X
Infinity plan fluorescence objectives 4X/10X/20X/40X/60X
Infinity plan phase contrast and fluorescence objectives 20X/40X

Quintuple nosepiece


Biological frame with coaxial focus system, coarse range: 9mm (6.5mm up and 2.5 down), fine precision: 0.002mm. With upper limit and tension adjustment.

External wide voltage transformer, 100V-240V input and 12V5A output; 5W LED with light indicator, intensity adjustable. With infrared induction.

215mm X 250mm fixed stage; mechanical stage attachable, moving range: 120mm X 80mm; extension plate; slide holder;

Petri dish holder; Teraseki holder; metal plate; glass plate.

NA0.3 long working distance condenser, demountable.

Camera adapter 0.35X, 0.5X, 0.65X, 1X C-mount adapter
Others Color temperature change filter, green interference filter, infrared eliminate filter
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