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Fluorescence Microscopes

Key features
Uniform illumination with consistant colour temperature
Plan achromat objectives ensure high image flatness accross the field
Excellent contrast via simple aperture iris operation
Fixed Koehler illumination  for easy operation
Simple fluorescence observations

The CX43 microscope enable users to remain comfortable during long periods of routine microscopy observations. The microscope frame conforms to the user’s hands and the location of the control knobs maximize ergonomics to improve work efficiency. Users can quickly set a specimen with one hand, while adjusting the focus and operating the stage with the other hand with minimal movement. The microscope also features an optional camera port for digital imaging.

Observation Method Phase Contrast    
  Fluorescence (Blue/Green Excitations)     ✓(Blue Excitation only)
  Simple Polarized Light    
Illuminator Transmitted Koehler Illuminator LED Lamp  
  • ✓ (fixed field diaphragm)
  Fluorescence Illuminator LED Lamp  
Focus Focusing Mechanism Stage Focus  
  • Coarse adjustment limit stopper
  • Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob
Revolving Nosepiece Manual Standard Type   Built-in 5 position
Stage Mechanical Mechanical Stages with Right-Hand Control  
  • Built-in
  • X: 76 mm, Y: 52 mm
Condenser Manual Abbe Conenser   NA1.25 (2 X - 100 X)
Observation Tubes Standard (FN18) Tilting Binocular  
  Standard (FN20) Binocular  
  Tube Inclination Angle    
  • Binocular, Trunocular 30°,
  • Tilting Binocular 30 - 60°
  Trinocular Tube Light Path Selection (Camera : Observation)    
  • 50% : 50 %
  Interpupillary Distance Adjustment    
  • 48 - 75 mm
Dimensions       211 (W) x 376 (D) x 393 (H) mm (Standard Configuration)
Weight       Approx. 7.3 kg


The CX43 microscope system comes standard with the stage and condenser included.

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Olympus BX43 -  world renowned UIS2 optics and operating efficiency for a wide range of clinical applications.

Key Features:
True colour LED illumination
Various contrast methods
Light Intensity Manager
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out
Digital imaging platform for a wide range of camera systems

The Olympus BX43 offers an outstanding range of features and optical performance for the clinical market. With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid Y-shaped frame coupled with easy-to-operate front controls and unique colour-matched LED brightfield illumination, it offers improved versatility and ergonomic operation. The compact space-efficient frame of the Olympus BX43 enables comprehensive routine work functions with outstanding cost performance, making it an ideal and versatile standalone microscope for standard imaging applications, and also the perfect starting point for digital imaging, motorisation and even fluorescence – it is future-lab-ready so that you can be too.
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Olympus BX53 - The researchers' choice for quality, performance, and application flexibility.

Key Features:
Suitable for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, Nomarski/DIC,polarised light and fluorescence applications
8 Position fluorescence illuminator (accepts CoolLED excitation systems)
Unique Fluorescence Illumination with fly-eye optics
Upgradeable with motorised components
Magnification and filter read-out to cellSens software
Ambidextrous operation
Eco mode

The new Olympus BX53 provides advanced modularity to suit a variety of observation styles. The rigid, compact space-saving frame features forward-mounted, easy-to-operate controls for improved efficiency and greater operator comfort. New operator controls are accessible from either side of the microscope, and an ECO sensor automatically turns off the transmitted light when the operator is not seated at the microscope. True to the Olympus philosophy, the Olympus BX53 offers an extended range of accessories and objectives to satisfy todays most discerning microscopists.
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Olympus BX63 - The automated microscope system for high-end fluorescence imaging.

Key Features:
Most accurate motorised Z-drive
Highest stability due to fixed stage design
Highly precise ultra-sonic stage
Unique operational concept
Unmatched workspace personalisation
Full control via touch panel controller
Detachable manual controller
Intuitive contrast management
Compatible with CoolLED fluorescence excitation systems

The Olympus BX63 is completely motorised and is uniquely focused via the nosepiece rather than stage, which enables the stage to be fixed making it more stable. The motorised stage is also new and is driven by advanced, high precision, ultrasonic Piezo technology, providing silent, smooth and extremely precise operation. The stage can even be positioned by hand enabling rapid gross sample alignment while highly accurate encoders continuously read-out X,Y position The excellent encoding enables the user to set precise coordinates and navigate directly to them at high speed.
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Olympus SZX16 - Research stereo zoom microscope.

Key Features:
Superior resolution of 900 LP/mm
High Numerical Aperture (0.3)
Maximum magnification (230x)
Large Field of View (104.8 mm)
Long Working Distance (141 mm)
Superb fluorescence capabilities

The Olympus SZX16 is designed for advanced research and leaves other stereos in its wake with a maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.3, producing a superior resolution of 900 line pairs per millimetre. With such amazing resolution (and peerless magnification) you can make your work more efficient, more precise and gain much more information from your samples. The Olympus SZX16 provides a large zoom ratio of 16.4:1. With this seamless zoom ratio combined with the most comprehensive range of parfocal objectives (0.5x, 1.0x, 1.6x & 2.0x), the SZX16 can take you from a macro-view to a micro-view allowing e.g. visualisation of ultra precise details on manufactured micro devices
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Olympus MVX10 MacroView - a class of its own.

Key Features:
Maximum fluorescence efficiency plus stereo observation
Excellent light transmission from near UV to near IR increases the range of usable fluorophores
Seamless observation from 4x to125x
Maximum specimen protection due to short exposure time
Complete system solutions for optimised recordings
Long WD for observation at optimum magnification
Compatible with CoolLED fluorescence excitation systems

Researchers are interested in the impact of gene expression and protein function not only at the cellular level but also within whole tissues, organs and even organisms. Hence organisms like C. elegans(nematode worm), Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly), Danio rerio (zebrafish), Xenopus leavis (african clawed frog), Mus musculus (mouse) or the plant Arabidopsis thaliana (wall cress) are used as biological models for in vivo studies in a vast field of research applications. Fluorescence techniques are ideal for the observation of these organisms because they are non-destructive and can be performed over long periods.
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The Olympus IX53 has been designed from the ground up to be the finest microscope available for routine microscopic analysis. Combining excellent optical performance and mechanical build quality results in a microscope system of outstanding value and comfort. Features such as the pre-centred phase contrast, relief contrast and the flexible UIS2 DIC system enable easy manipulation across all magnifications for thin and thick specimens. Condensers with different working distances and long working objectives allow observation and documentation in even the most complex sample devices.

Key features
Suitable for fluorescence, phase, relief contrast and brightfield microscopy
Fluorescence turret for up to 8 filter cubes
UIS2 infinity corrected optics
Pre-centered phase contrast optics
Choice of 30W or 100W illumination pillars
Range of LWD condensers available
Cost effective

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Manual encoded or semi-motorized options let the end user easily configure a system with a variety of component combinations—now or later. Available as a one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding cutting edge techniques to casual documentation. Innovative new features include:

Key features
High speed filter wheels, shutters and light sources
The Olympus U-RTC, Real Time Controller allows for microsecond timing accuracy..
The new fly-eye fluorescence illuminator for uniform fluorescenece accross the field.
The ultrasonic motorized, encoded stage provides precise and repeatable movement.

Published in Olympus Microscopes
With improved image quality and ergonomics, the Olympus CKX53 delivers excellent performance and a comfortable workflow for a variety of cell culture needs including live cell observation

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