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The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde recently purchased a Yenway CX40M reflected light metallurgical microscope fitted with one of the ever popular YenCam 5 USB cameras.
Dr Todd Green, group leader, commented:
‘We are very satisfied with the performance of the Yenway CX40M  microscope and camera. The optical and build quality is excellent and comparable to microscopes costing far more. Our main application is  to characterise the finish of electroplated and etched metal surfaces and also inspect components for corrosion damage’.
Scottish Water based at Heriot Watt Research Park in Edinburgh have invested in another Olympus BX53 fluorescence microscope for the the busy Cryptosporidium Laboratory.

The microscope is equipped with a state of the art CoolLED pE-300-WHITE illumination system, DIC and top of the range Spectral Apochromat objectives. The purchase will help ease the work load on the existing four Olympus microscopes.
The Haematology laboratory at St John's Hospital Howden recently took delivery of a YenCam HD II camera and monitor for use in group discussions and training.

The YenCam HD II is particularly well suited for use in group discussion and training sessions because of the extremely easy camera setup. Just focus the image on screen and the camera does the rest automatically. What you see down the microscope is exactly what you see on screen with near perfect colour rendition. The 60 frames per second refresh rate means there is no drag whatsoever when focusing or moving around the slide.

View more infomation about the YenCam HD II
The Pharmacy and Life Science  department at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen recently purchased 12 Yenway EX20 student microscopes. Having had side by side demonstrations next to the Olympus CX22LED and Leica DM1000 equivalents the technical staff preferred both the optical and build quality of the Yenway scopes. Also purchased were two Yenway SZN stereos equipped with YenCam HD II high definition camera systems.

Speaking about the cameras Iain Tough, applications supervisor, commented "I’m very impressed with the versatility of the cameras in that they can be used with or without a PC which is great when you are short of bench space".
The Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing based at Brunel University in London recently purchased a Yenway RX50M microscope equipped with optics for reflected light brightfield / darkfield, polarised light and DIC microscopy. For image capture a YenCam 10 CMOS camera was also part of the system.
Commenting on the system Dr Paul Harris said "We are very pleased with the RX50M, the quality of the optics and general build quality is excellent.  We intend to use it on a wide range of Materials Science projects, particularly in the area of display technologies such as LED, OLED and ACEL displays and phosphor materials".
Devro, the world leading manufacturer of collagen products recently purchased a Yenway CX40 reflected and transmitted light microscope for their quality assurance lab based at Moodiesburn, Glasgow. The microscope is also equipped with polarised light and a camera system.
The world famous Glenfiddich Distillery based in Dufftown in the heart of Royal Speyside have recently upgraded their laboratory facilities. To assist with their microbiological investigations a Yenway EX20 microscope and a YenCam 5 camera were purchased from Microscope Systems Limited. 
The YenCam series of CMOS cameras are proving increasingly popular and over 40 have been supplied to universities, colleges and industrial laboratories over the last couple of years.
Professor Alexandra Rowe and Ahmed Raza of the University of Edinburgh recently purchased a YenCam 5 CMOS microscope camera to use along with their Leica DMLB fluorescence microscope. Speaking on the purchase Ahmed commented that they had spent a fraction of the cost of a camera from any of the "big four" manufacturers and that they are more than happy with the results! There are now 3 YenCams in use within the Ashworth Laboratories.

Read more from Professor Rowe's website -
Yenway EX20 binocular microscopeDunnydeer Veterinary Group based in Insch Aberdeenshire recently purchased a Yenway EX20 binocular microscope. The microscope can be used for brightfield work but is also equipped with phase contrast objectives which will be used for the examination of bull semen.
Dr Sarah Reece and Dr Aidan O'Donnell, researchers working at the Ashworth Laboratories at the University of Edinburgh recently took delivery of an Olympus BX43 with phase contrast optics and Microtec digital camera along with an Olympus SZ61 stereo microscope to assist with their investigations.

Dr Chuan Kao of the University of Strathclyde Advanced Composites Group based within the the Mechanical Engineering department recently purchased an Olympus BX51 compound microscope from Microscope Systems. This scope compliments the GX51 inverted microscope purchased by the Metallurgy laboratory.



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