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The Scottish National TB laboratory based within the Microbiology department at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary recently took delivery of a 2nd Olympus BX43 fluorescence microscope from Microscope Systems Limited. The microscope is equipped with a CoolLED state of the art LED excitation module for fluorescence applications.

Microscope Systems Limited now offer CoolLED LED light sources for fluorescence applications on Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss microscopes.

CoolLED pE-100 single wavelength excitation source (click to configure)

This source offers intense, stable excitation at a single wavelength.  The user can select from CoolLED's extensive range of LED wavelengths.  It is designed to fit on all current microscopes.  A simple once-ever adjustment will allow optimisation to the optical path of your microscope.

The CoolLED pE-100 is supplied as a complete working package with power supply and control pod.  Manual operation offers instant on/off and 0-100% intensity control.  The control pod accepts a BNC-type external TTL trigger.

Main benefits of the CoolLED pE-100 are:-

CoolLED pE100
  • No Mercury
  • Instant on/off
    Full range of wavelengths available
    0-100% intensity control
  • Simple to install
    Simple to use
    Long stable lifetime
    No bulb changing
    No down time
    No warm up / cool down
    No disposal issues

CoolLED pE-2 four LED wavelength excitation source 

The CoolLED pE-2 LED excitation system is designed for use on all current epi-fluorescent microscopes.  It provides stable, controllable and intense light.  The Main Unit can drive up to 4 LED wavelengths.  It is a modular product which uses LAMs (LED Array Modules) selected from our wide range of LED wavelengths.  These LAMs can be interchanged by the user so that different wavelengths can be excited depending on the application.

CoolLED pE-2 system: Key Features:

  • Modular system which drives up to 4 wavelengthsCoolLED pE1 LED system
  • Switch on and off instantly
  • Adjust light intensity in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • Stable, repeatable light intensity
  • LEDs last for tens of thousands of hours
  • Wide range of LED wavelengths available
  • Integrated with many imaging software packages
  • Quiet & cool operation

Click here to select wavelengths and configure your CoolLED pE-2 system

Typical applications for the CoolLED pE-2 systems:

  • Confocal
  • Clinical
With a CoolLED LED product, you will....

  • Never have to re-align your light source
  • No warm-up or cool-down period required
  • No need to use ND filters
  • No need to use shutters
  • No bulb safety and disposal issues 


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I want to thank you very much for working so well for us today – I’ve strongly recommended that you be recalled next year.

- Lesley McEvoy
North Atlantic Fisheries College, Shetland

Well executed service and repair of Olympus & Prior microscopes, one happy customer. James provided an excellent service

- Bill Revie
Construction Materials Consultancy

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