PETROG stepping stage

PETROG stepping stage

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PETROG Transforms Your Petrographic Data

PETROG is an integrated petrographic data collection, storage and analysis system. PETROG is in use worldwide, collecting, storing and analysing petrographic data.

PETROG assists the petrographer at all stages of petrographic analysis from the slide through to the final report.

PETROG's key benefits include:
  • Data collection interface and thin section images sit side by side on your monitor, making your observation and data collection easier
  • Traditional 12/20 channel point counter and paper tick sheets are replaced with intelligent software
  • The analysis cycle is faster and more accurate
  • QA is enabled by viewing exactly what the data collector saw by returning to stored sampling point images
  • Petrographic data can be provided for provenance, palaeoenvironmental, diagenetic and petrophysical interpretation
  • The software can be customised to meet individual user or project requirements
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