Vets Microscopes

Vets Microscopes

Olympus CX22HA – Educational Microscope.

Key Features:
High quality UIS2 optics
Rigid and durable frame
Good price-performance

The Olympus CX22HAL comes as a kit.

The price without 100x oil immersion objective £945 + vat

The price with 100x oil immersion objective £1145 + vat

The Olympus CX22HAL is the first educational microscope that incorporates the same advanced UIS2 optics as Olympus’ top range microscopes. Additionally, the infinity corrected Plan Achromat objectives give sharp high contrast images throughout the field of view. The Olympus CX22HAL is an attractively priced choice for the educational market, retaining design and engineering quality.
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Olympus CX22LED – Educational Microscope.

Key Features:
Built-in LED illumination
Cost-effective performance
High quality FN20 UIS2 optics
Rigid and durable frame

The Olympus CX22LED comes as a kit:

The price without 100x oil immersion objective £954 + vat

The price with 100x oil immersion objective £1224+ vat

The Olympus CX22LED clinical microscope with built-in light emitting diode (LED) illumination offers consistent long-term performance for biological and medical applications. This cost-effective imaging system can illuminate samples with a similar light intensity to that provided by halogen bulbs. Furthermore, the LED light source produces a more uniform, controllable and stable illumination for high-quality imaging. As an environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use system, this microscope is also ideal for educational use.
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Olympus CX31 - Ideal for teaching and routine applications

Key Features:
Advanced optical system
Easy operation and transport
Highly reliable rack-free stage
Leading in it’s class of microscopes

The Olympus CX31 is a fixed specification binocular microscope for teaching and routine applications. It offers a rigid and durable construction with high performance and long life time. The optics provide bright and even images and adapters allow mounting of Olympus digital cameras for easy and efficient digital imaging.
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Motic 18/28-Series - Student microscope.

For improved academic microscopy, the Motic 18 series and Motic 28 series offer a unique ergonomic shape as well as superior optics than the standard DIN objectives.

Available in different versions, including binocular, the Motic 18/28 series offer a wide range at an affordable budget.
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Motic B1-Series - Upright Microscope.

The Motic B1-Series is a full-sized microscope range that provides users with a sturdy and solid base for professional microscopy.

The Motic B1 Series is available with many accessories to suit most microscopy requirements in academic, veterinarian and simple lab tasks.
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Motic BA210 - Routine Biological Microscope.

The Motic BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance.

The new Motic BA210 series is setting a new standard in microscope performance through inprovements both in optical and mechanical features. Designed to be used in Educational Life Science, Medical as well as a variety of biological applications, this new microscope is built around Motic's complete understanding of the daily demands placed on the standard educational microscope.

Student proof features together with a new generation of EF-N Plan Achromatic objectives provide a fully corrected intermediate image for crisp and clear visual and digital results.

The BA210 is a robust student instrument that brings professional, repeatable image quality results to all of its intended applications.
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Motic BA310 - Routine Laboratory Microscope with built-in 3.0 Mega Pixel Digital Camera.

Key Features
Built-in Digital Live Hi-Resolution Imaging Chip
2048x 1536 Resolution USB 2.0 interface
Reversed quintuple revolving nosepiece
CCIS EF-N Plan Achromat objectives EF-N PL 4x, 10x, 40x S, 100x S-oil
Koehler illumination quartz halogen 6V/30W with intensity control
Universal Power supply 100-240V
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing adjustment
Built in low position coaxial mechanical stage (Right-hand control)
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Microtec RM-1 with LED Illumination.

The Microtec RM-1 microscope is a research quality microscope but at an economical price. It is ergonomically designed for user comfort. The infinity corrected semi-plan objectives provide crisp well optically corrected images.
The Kohler illumination system has a field iris and a focusing and centering condenser. The LED illumination provides ideal illumination without the necessity to ever replace lamps.
The viewing head has a built-in phototube in case it is ever required to fit a camera system.
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The Microtec CM-3 microscope is a basic instrument suitable for use up to 400x magnification. It is an ideal microscope for use in schools.

Key Features:
Monocular tube which is freely rotatable.
Widefield 10x eyepiece.
Triple revolving nosepiece with 4x, 10x and 40x DIN achromat objectives
Plain stage with securely locked on stage clips
Coaxial course and fine focusing
Fixed substage condenser with an iris diaphragm
Built in 6v 10w Halogen illumination with intensity control

Product Code CM-3

Price: £98.00 + Vat
Published in Microtec Microscopes

Microtec PM-2 - Advanced Student Microscope.

Key Features
Compact rugged lightweight frame
Available in monocular or binocular versions
Built-in mechanical stage
Course and fine focus control
Focusable condenser with aperture iris

The Microtec PM-2 Microscope has a built-in mechanical stage, 6v 20w Halogen illumination with intensity control and a focusable condenser with aperture iris. Optional 100x oil immersion objective available.

Microtec PM-2 standard outfit
Monocular head with 10xWF eyepiece
Objectives 4, 10 and 40x achromats

Product Code: PM-2 Monocular outfit £242.00                          
Product Code: PM-2B Binocular outfit £340.00
Product Code: PM-O100 100x oil immersion objective £30.00
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