Olympus IX73 research inverted (IX3)

Olympus IX73 inverted microscope (IX3 series)

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Manual encoded or semi-motorized options let the end user easily configure a system with a variety of component combinations—now or later. Available as a one-deck system with ergonomic low stage height or as a two-deck system with additional expansion capabilities. Both provide the ability to perform a multitude of imaging techniques, ranging from long term time-lapse imaging and other demanding cutting edge techniques to casual documentation. Innovative new features include:

Key features
High speed filter wheels, shutters and light sources
The Olympus U-RTC, Real Time Controller allows for microsecond timing accuracy..
The new fly-eye fluorescence illuminator for uniform fluorescenece accross the field.
The ultrasonic motorized, encoded stage provides precise and repeatable movement.

Sophisticated Imaging Options with Interchangeable Optical Modules

Sophisticated Imaging Options with Interchangeable Optical Modules

A diverse range of units are available for the Olympus IX3 microscope system bringing greater efficiency to everything from casual observation to serious imaging. Simple cassette-like insertion into the deck makes it easy to mount fluorescence mirror turrets, a right side port with C-mount, an encoded magnification changer, reflected light fluorescence illuminators and other desired units.

To provide more flexibility, the two-deck system allows the simultaneous mounting of two illumination units. The IX3 system can also be isolated from vibration sources through the combined use of a new line of high-speed filter wheels and light guide light sources. Upgrades are available to allow the IX3 to meet the needs of a wide range of other applications.

Deck Units / Fast Speed Units

Motorized Fluorescence Mirror Turret (IX3-RFACA)


A non-click turret fitted with 8 mirror units delivers smooth, fast switching. Mirror units can be used with 25mm diameter filters or 32mm diameter filters. No tool use is required to change mirror units, which can be opened with ease.

Right Side Port with C-mount (IX3-RSPC)


A right side port with a C-mount (field number of 11) allows the light-path switching component to be fitted with up to two mirror units, enabling the construction of customized systems for applications such as split imaging.

Coded Intermediate Magnification Changer (IX3-CAS)


Magnification can be changed between 1x, 1.6x and 2x by smooth lever operation. Since the system incorporates coded functionality, information on intermediate magnifications is saved with image data.

Motorized Fast Filter Wheel (U-FFW)
Motorized Fast Filter Wheel for Emission (U-FFWEM) 
Motorized Fast Shutter(U-FSHU)

Filter wheels can be switched between filters in just 60 milliseconds, while shutters can be opened and closed in just 26 milliseconds. The IX83 is capable of controlling up to six filter wheels and four shutters.







Fluorescence System

Reflected Light Fluorescence Illuminators for Your Specific Application

Choose the illuminator best suited to meet each need, such as multicolor fluorescence observation or photoactivation. An L-shaped fluorescence illuminator with a fly-eye lens system provides bright, consistent illumination without adjustment, an L-shape-fluorescence illuminator is equipped with a field iris diaphragm and aperture iris diaphragm, and a traight-through fluorescence illuminator is available for applications demanding intense excitation light. A wide range of light sources are available, including light guide light sources and lamp houses compatible with both 100W mercury and 75W xenon illumination.


Motorized Units / Coded Units

A Cost-efficient Way to Upgrade to a Motorized Microscope

A wide range of motorized and encoded units are available, including an 8-position motorized fluorescent mirror turret, an encoded fluorescence mirror turret, a motorized 6-position nosepiece, an encoded 6-position nosepiece, a motorized long working distance universal condenser, filter wheels and shutters. Units can also be added for specific purposes at any point-improving operation at a minimum cost.



Ideal Observation and Capture of Time-Lapse Images

Ideal Observation and Capture of Time-Lapse Images

With new frame architecture and focus drive design, the IX3 system offers enhanced rigidity that reduces the impact of vibration and heat. It maintains desired positions along X, Y, and Z axes to allow reliable time-lapse imaging.

The real-time Z-drift compensation system capabilities of the IX3-ZDC combine with the Olympus ultrasonic stage-capable of multipoint imaging to enable capturing high-precision multipoint time-lapse images that are never out-of-focus or misaligned.

Box-type and onstage incubators are also available to enable time-lapse observation while maintaining the viability of live cells.

Square Frame for Increased Rigidity Thermal Drift Displacement Periodic Damping

Thermal Drift Displacement

Periodic Damping


Z-Drift Compensation System

Z-Drift Compensation System

The IX3-ZDC uses low phototoxicity IR light to detect the correct focus position as set by the user. One-shot AF mode allows several focus positions to be set as desired for deeper samples, enabling efficient Z-stack acquisition in multi-position experiments. Continuous AF mode keeps the desired plane of observation precisely in focus, avoiding focus drift due to temperature changes or the addition of reagents, making it ideal for measurements such as TIRF that requires more stringent focusing.

Low Thermal Drift Ultrasonic Stage with Multipoint Registration

Low Thermal Drift Ultrasonic Stage with Multipoint Registration

The Olympus ultrasonic stage enables precise movement of specimens, while multi point registration enables time-lapse imaging with outstanding positional accuracy.


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Your assistance and the style with grace in which your firm has consistently delivered to us here has been astounding and a miracle for me to witness that level of professionalism.

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